Gorilla Nodes.

Gorilla Nodes is a new DeFi project that is inspired by other popular projects and aims to use node aggregation to build a profitable treasury. When designing Gorilla Nodes we chose to use the KISS method (Keep It Simple Stupid!), as we realized sometimes sounding cool and complex can actually hurt the project. With the knowledge and experience of the team, combined with the support and strength of our community, we feel we can build one of the best node projects in the space!

A Node ?

A node is something that can be purchased in exchange for a lifetime of passive income. The passive income the node produces is often referred to as "Rewards".

Gorilla Node

The cost of 1 Gorilla Node will cost 10 $BANANA tokens to create. Gorilla Node will payout 1.5 $BANANA tokens per day, and then this will be reduced to 0.75 $BANANA tokens/day.

NFT Booster

24 hours after launch there will be 1 Booster NFT available for purchase. This NFT will give a boost of 0.25 $BANANA per day, as well as allow the owner to bypass the claim tax.



Token: $BANANA
Network: Avalanche

Our initial liquidity will be 5,000 $BANANA tokens and $5000 for an opening starting price of $1. Our total supply will be 20,000,000 minted that will be held by the rewards pool.

(1) Gorilla Node will be (10) $BANANA
  • 50% to Rewards Pool
  • 20% to Treasury
  • 20% to Development
  • 10% to Liquidity

How to buy $BANANA ?

$BANANA is available on TraderJoe.

  • Step 1: Purchase $AVAX
  • Step 2: Send $AVAX to MetaMask
  • Step 3: Swap $AVAX for $BANANA on TraderJoe
Buy on TraderJoe


Questions and Answers

When will the project launch?

Projected launch date is December 14th at 12PM EST.

What will the ticker symbol be?

The token ticker symbol will be $BANANA

$Banana. How much will a node cost?

1 Gorilla Node will cost 10 $BANANA

What will opening price be?

Initial liquidity supply will be 5000 $BANANA and $5000 for an opening price of $1.

Is there a Whitelist?

Yes, though our team is nicknaming it the Apelist. Follow instructions in our Discord for more information!

How many members on the team?

The team consists of 3 members, a business specialist, a professional developer and a social media professional.

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